O’charley’s Low Crab Keto

O’charley’s Low Crab Keto

I love crab legs, so when I heard that o’charley’s had started to offer keto options, I couldn’t wait to try them out. The restaurant offers several types of crab legs including the jumbo lump and the lump meat (which are both delicious). They also have other seafood options like shrimp and lobster tails as well as fish tacos made with tilapia or salmon depending on what you prefer.

O'charley's Low Crab Keto
O’charley’s Low Crab Keto

Mixed Green Salad

The mixed green salad is a great option for those who don’t want to go too heavy on the crab o’charley’s. It’s also good to know that you can add additional toppings such as bacon, avocado and cheese if you’d like. This dish is $9.99 and contains 580 calories per serving.

The calories in this dish are mainly from carbs (89%), fat (8%) and protein (7%). There are only 110 milligrams of sodium in each serving which is much lower than what most people would expect from an “upscale” restaurant chain restaurant!

Caesar Salad

The Caesar salad is a great choice for Keto and low carb diets. It’s made with crispy chicken, which is one of the best ways to get protein on your diet.

The Caesar salad also lacks croutons, dressing and cheese so you can enjoy this dish without having to worry about any sugar spikes.

It’s important not to skip bacon or eggs when eating at Cracker Barrel because they’re both high in fat content—but they’re also delicious!

Chicken Tenders

Chicken Tenders

If you’re looking for a quick-fix meal that won’t leave you feeling too heavy, chicken tenders are a great option. They’re also portable and easy to eat on the go. Plus, they’re delicious! If you prefer something less heavy in your diet but still want some protein, these will hit the spot.

New Orleans Seafood Platter

The New Orleans Seafood Platter is a great choice if you’re looking for low carb seafood. It includes shrimp, salmon, and oysters on top of fries. This meal also comes with no tartar sauce or hush puppies (pancakes), but it does have cornbread and rice to round out the meal. The only downside to this menu item is that there’s no potato salad or macaroni and cheese either!

o’charley’s has good keto options

O’Charley’s has a great selection of keto-friendly food, including low carb and gluten-free options. Their mashed potatoes are made with cream cheese rather than butter, which can help keep your blood sugar stable when you’re trying to reduce carbs. They also have the option of making their macaroni salad without mayonnaise or mustard so that you can enjoy it without worrying about adding back in those extra carbs (or calories).

And if you want something sweet? O’Charley’s has got you covered there too! Their donuts are completely grain free—and they’re delicious!

Overall, I think o’charley’s has some of the best keto-friendly options in the city. The salad and chicken tenders were great, but I would definitely try their New Orleans seafood platter next time instead!

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